Donnerstag, 25. August 2016

A Foxy Sticky Note Thank You

Hello crafters,

I know it has been a bit quite lately but I can tell you, it has been quite exciting times and the best is yet to come.

I am currently attending an intensive Dutch class at the University of Amsterdam and it is awesome but so much work. I am learning so much but I am sitting home at night and still doing up to 4 hours of homework.

Nevertheless, my Dutch is getting better and instead of learning for my upcoming exam, I decided rather to craft something for my fellow classmates and for my awesome teacher Céline.
Today I want to show you what I decided to give my fellow students as a little present and a little appreciation because all of them are really nice and we are having such a good time, really hard-working but also laughing and enjoying.

Earlier I had the idea to make little booklets with sticky notes for them. I thought every student can use them and as Marco and I went to IKEA on Saturday to look for furniture for the new apartment, I saw the pencils and … booom… the idea it was! :-) Lucky Marco was so brave and fearless to grab a whole hand full of pencils so I know had enough to craft 12 little foxy sticky note booklets.

I am glad I could use the foxy friends again and all the supplies which go with it. Hopefully I will soon be able to start Christmas crafting.

On the above picture can you see that the booklet also has an extra space for the pencil.
My foxy friends will be delivered tomorrow. I am excited to see the reactions of my fellow classmates. Maybe I will soon find crafting partners here in Amsterdam as well.

Tot later – as you say it in Dutch!

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