Freitag, 13. Juli 2018

Beary Birthday Mail

Hello Crafters,

Birthday mail is my favorite mail but often I am a bit too late. I think it is actually not be but the mail provider… let’s put it that way… ok, to be honest, maybe it was me this time.

One dear friend had her birthday and I was so busy with the new house that I ran out of time. So now her birthday has already passed but nevertheless, the card had to make it its way to her!

Maybe I could tell her that the panda bear was actually carrying out the mail and maybe he is not the fastest. But he brings lots of love and that is the most important, right?

I hope she enjoys that her birthday is a bit longer this year and she will have fun with the card.

I had fun making it and I try to be more on time next year, I promise!

To you, a crafty day… and tot ziens,

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